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5 RC Truck Features Ideal For Cape Cod Beaches

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Cape Cod beaches are great places to explore, relax, and use toys like RC trucks. If you find yourself visiting Cape Cod beaches through the summer, then you and your children can enjoy the natural environment with some RC trucks. When shopping for RC trucks, there are a number of features to look for. The following five features make it easy to travel along the sandy waterfronts and other areas found on the beaches. Once you find a truck you love, you can even upgrade the toy to include these extra parts and make it optimal for the beach.

Solar Panel Charging

The beaches in Cape Cod are preserved natural elements that guests are allowed to visit. This means that other than a possible charger in your car, there will be nowhere to plug an RC truck in to get some extra juice. In this case, you can look for an RC truck that comes with solar panels or a solar charger. With wide open beaches, the sun often shines down on Cape Cod, giving you easy charge options while at the beach. Simply set up a solar charger while you lounge in a chair or on a towel. Within a few hours, the truck will be ready to go and use on the beach. These type of chargers are ideal for extended vacations on a Cape Cod beach. You will have the ability to use the RC truck each day and not worry about finding a proper charging location.

Sand Paddle Wheels

One of the toughest challenges for an RC truck on the beach is traveling on soft sand. The further you get away from the water, the more you will be dealing with soft and deep sand areas. Purchasing an RC truck with sand paddle wheels is the best way to operate it in these conditions. Paddle wheels feature evenly spaced raised paddles that can flip the sand forward while propelling the RC truck at the same time. These wheels are adopted from real tires used on dirt bikes and ATVs. Instead of keeping them as the main tires for your RC truck, you can purchase a set of sand paddle wheels to switch out on the truck.

4-Wheel Drive

Along with sand paddle wheels, 4-wheel drive RC trucks will make it easier to travel across different sandy areas. A lot of Cape Cod beaches have a natural slope to them. The 4-wheel drive can make it easy to travel up hills, down hills, and through the different beach elements. Some trucks have the option of turning 4-wheel drive on and off. This can help you conserve power and only use the feature when it is needed.

Waterproof Electronics

Rising tides and unpredictable New England weather can lead to wet conditions for your RC truck. Prevent motors and other elements from shorting out by purchasing a truck with waterproof electronics. When an RC truck is made waterproof, it often has a protective barrier on the undercarriage. While you cannot just drive the RC truck into the Atlantic Ocean, the toy can travel along the shore of the beach without too much concern with water getting inside. Cape Cod beaches also feature a number of trails and other areas that may include muddy puddles or small streams. The waterproofing on your truck can make it easy to explore these areas and travel through them.

Articulated Suspension

Another big element in the Cape Cod beaches are the sand dunes. Specifically found on the Cape Cod National Seashore, the sand dunes consist of steep slopes, rocks, logs, and different terrains to travel on. Have the best success by purchasing an RC truck with articulated suspension. The articulate suspension means the tires and shocks can move on their own and adjust for each individual tire. This allows trucks to climb over rocks, lift up over logs, and travel all the natural elements found in Cape Cod.

As you shop for an RC truck at companies like Superior Hobbies, look for different accessories that you can add to models you love.