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Using Safe Paints In Your Child's Bath

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Liquid water colors are amazing paint products, and with a little time and imagination, can be used to make bath time extra fun for your child. They can be used to paint the bubbles in a bubble bath, which makes for a magical treat.

The Method

In order to use liquid water colors in your child's bath, first pick up a few in a variety of washable paint colors from your local craft store. When you get them home, pour several drops of liquid water color in a small spray bottle and dilute it with water. Each paint color should have its own spray bottle. When you prepare the bath for your child, make sure the water in the tub is covered with a thick layer of bubbles. Then simply spray the diluted liquid water colors on the surface of the bubble layer to paint the bubbles.

Rainbow Bath

Using diluted water colors, paint a rainbow on your child's bubbles. Paint one stripe of each color of the rainbow on the bubbles, and your child will feel like he's in a magical rainbow land at bath time. For St. Patrick's Day, toss a few plastic gold coins into the water and challenge your child to find them by searching with his hands. Or on a different day, cut unicorns from sheets of foam, which can be found at craft stores. When your child gets the foam images wet, they'll stick to the wall of the bathtub or the bathroom tile. 

Color Themes

If you're teaching your child her colors or if she's learning a particular color at school, bring the color lesson into the tub. For example, if your child is learning about the color blue, try painting the bubbles in your child's tub blue, cut blue shapes from a sheet of foam and fill the tub with blue trinkets you find around the house. Blue sponges or blue balloons are common items in a household with kids. You also could try blue glass floral gems, blue plastic cups or little blue toys. It'll be an unforgettable way to teach your child colors.


If your liquid watercolors are well diluted, staining shouldn't be an issue, so plop your child in a bubble bath and give him a few spray bottles of his own. Your child will enjoy being creative by spraying different colors in his bubble bath, and the whole activity might keep him entertained long enough that you'll be able to wash his hair without a fight!  

For information on which paints are safe to use, talk to a professional like Koontz Hardware.