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It's Sew Easy: 5 Smart Ways To Choose Your Perfect Sewing Machine

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Whether you are a beginner just entering the world of sewing or you are a seasoned pro looking to replace an older model sewing machine, it takes a little foresight to choose the perfect model. You'll probably want to consider several aspects, such as what you'd like your machine to do and what your personal skill level is. Before you set out to make your purchase, keep the following advice in mind:

1. Consider Your Sewing Skill Level

If you are a beginner or novice, you might feel intimidated by a machine with all the bells and whistles. In such a case, it may be best to stick to the basics. Rather than getting a machine with many stitches, a two-stitch model may be easier for you to handle. On the other hand, if you have experience in sewing and embroidery, you might want to look into the various features of the more advanced models. Features such as adjustable speed control and a knee lifter could make your sewing experience all the more enjoyable.

2. Determine What You Wish To Use Your Sewing Machine For

Are you planning on using the sewing machine just for basic sewing and mending? Do you need to sew draperies for your home? Are you looking to complete more intricate embroidery or quilting projects? Different models can perform various tasks, so keep this in mind and choose your model accordingly.

3. Bring Some Fabric Samples With You to Your Sewing Shop

It's a good idea to bring some fabric swatches to your sewing shop and try them out on various machines. You will get a better feel for how the machine operates and handles this way. In addition, you might want to ask the associate for a sewing demonstration. Ask to see how different models operate. Also, listen to the sound of the machine while in operation. Is it noisy or quiet?

4. Choose From a Cabinet Model or a Freestanding Unit

Will you keep your sewing machine in one spot or do you plan on traveling with it? If it is to remain stationary, a cabinet unit will allow you storage for storing accessories. However, a freestanding model allows you the versatility to transport it easily.

5. Check Out the Owner's Manual

Ask the associate if you may read a few pages of the owner's manual. This will give clear instructions on how the machine operates and what the various features are. If you are unable to see a physical copy of the manual, go online to the manufacturer's website. You should be able to download owner's manuals from there, using a model number for reference.  

Keep these tips in mind when you visit a local store that sells sewing machines, like Singer Factory Distributor Inc.