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Three Money-Making Items You Should Always Buy At An Estate Sale

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Perusing estate sales and purchasing certain items for resale is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. But it's important to know what items are worth buying and what items are not. For instance, you can purchase an endless number of sweaters for $5 a piece, but since you'll be hard-pressed to sell them for more than that, they're not a great money maker. The following three items, however, are things you should never pass up at an estate sale because you can almost always resell them for more than you paid:

Gold Jewelry

Many estate sales feature all sorts of older jewelry that has gone out of fashion. Since it is not stylish anymore, it is not worth a whole lot to anyone, so it sells for a few dollars or less. If you can collect a vast pile of old gold jewelry, you can sell it to a jewelry store or even a scrap metal collector for a great price. Even if you only make a few dollars per piece of jewelry, it's so easy to accumulate a large pile of it that you can easily earn $100 or more for a single trip to the jewelry shop or scrap gold collector.

Silver Dinnerware

Silver plates, serving bowls, and chalices have similarly fallen out of vogue. When was the last time you visited a friend's house for dinner and were served a meal in silver dinnerware? These items may appear tarnished at estate sales because they have not been cleaned in a long while, but this tarnish just lowers their sale price even more. You can take them home, polish them up a bit, and sell them to a metal collector for a whole lot more than a few dollars per plate.

Solid Wooden Furniture

They just don't make furniture like they used to. If you spot any solid wooden furniture at an estate sale and can snatch it up quite cheaply, always do so. Take it to a specialty furniture store or an antique shop, and they will often pay you a good penny for it. There are many people who want to decorate their homes in authentic vintage wooden furniture and will pay a fortune for handmade, hand-finished pieces.

As you get into the routine of estate sale shopping, you'll start to automatically keep your eyes open for gold jewelry, silver dinnerware, and wooden furniture since these three are such good money makers. Contact a company like Coins Plus for more information and assistance.