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Who To Send Monogrammed Note Cards To?

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A fun craft for a hobbyist is to create monogrammed note cards. These personalized note cards make great gifts that are one-of-a-kind and unique to the person who gets them and provide a function as well. Monogrammed note cards are also a great way to use up old scrap crafting paper that you don't have other uses for.

Who should you create for and send monogrammed note cards to? Use this guide to help you decide just who to send these personalized note cards to.

A teacher or medical professional

Teachers and medical professionals have students or patients that they often assist throughout their careers. Monogrammed note cards given as a gift to these professionals are much appreciated because they can later be used to send reminders or other messages to people under their watch or care. Send out a set of monogrammed note cards with the recipients' initials or title on them during special holiday or recognition days.

A friend or associate

What makes monogrammed note cards so great is this: these handmade gifts are both personal and useful, but they aren't so personal they cannot be given to someone you are not very closely associated with. A co-worker, your hairdresser, a casual friend, or even your mail delivery person can be gifted with this fun gift and be able to appreciate it for how functional it is.

Simply using a person's initials to engrave or otherwise stamp the monogrammed note cards to perfection makes these note cards special and personal. If you need to make a quick gift or thank you to an individual, monogrammed note cards are a terrific idea.

Anyone having a party

Is a family member having a baby shower? Are you going to a retirement party? Is there a birthday party coming up? Have you been invited to a graduation party? The person being celebrated can be gifted monogrammed note cards so they can thank their attendees in style later. Give this personalized note cards gift along with another gift or as a stand-alone present that is sure to stand out and be appreciated.

Monogrammed note cards are a great gift that don't require a lot of work and uses up paper and supplies that you may not have ideas for otherwise. This is a gift that is best made on an as-needed basis so they can remain personal; however, you can still cut and prepare individual note cards for monogramming later to save time when making this papercraft gift. Look online to learn more about monogrammed note cards