Choosing Crafts Wisely

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Who To Send Monogrammed Note Cards To?

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A fun craft for a hobbyist is to create monogrammed note cards. These personalized note cards make great gifts that are one-of-a-kind and unique to the person who gets them and provide a function as well. Monogrammed note cards are also a great way to use up old scrap crafting paper that you don’t have other uses for. Who should you create for and send monogrammed note cards to? Use this guide to help you decide just who to send these personalized note cards to. Read More»

Three Money-Making Items You Should Always Buy At An Estate Sale

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Perusing estate sales and purchasing certain items for resale is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. But it’s important to know what items are worth buying and what items are not. For instance, you can purchase an endless number of sweaters for $5 a piece, but since you’ll be hard-pressed to sell them for more than that, they’re not a great money maker. The following three items, however, are things you should never pass up at an estate sale because you can almost always resell them for more than you paid: Read More»

It's Sew Easy: 5 Smart Ways To Choose Your Perfect Sewing Machine

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Whether you are a beginner just entering the world of sewing or you are a seasoned pro looking to replace an older model sewing machine, it takes a little foresight to choose the perfect model. You’ll probably want to consider several aspects, such as what you’d like your machine to do and what your personal skill level is. Before you set out to make your purchase, keep the following advice in mind: Read More»