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Are You Setting Up A Home Daycare? 4 Reasons To Add Children's Big Building Blocks To The Learning Area

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Setting up a home daycare requires some careful planning to make sure that everything the children in your care need is available. After you've made sure your home is safe for children, your next step is to begin adding learning materials that are inviting and educational. Building toys have long been a child care staple, and you can maximize the use of the ones you choose by knowing these benefits of making children's big building blocks available at your daycare.

Encourage Creativity and Teamwork

Young children need opportunities to develop their creativity. Large blocks allow for open-ended play that encourages children to experiment with different ideas. With big blocks, children can also work together to stack them and create their own imaginative world. Toddlers might simply want to build a tower as they pretend to be a construction worker, but older kids can also create buildings that they use to engage in more involved types of dramatic play.

Provide a Sensory Experience

Foam building blocks stimulate a child's tactile senses. Ones that include bright colors are also visually stimulating. As the children at your daycare squish and stack the blocks, they'll be learning valuable things about their environment. The softness of foam blocks also means that they won't make so much noise when a tower falls. This can be especially beneficial for any children in your home daycare that are sensitive to loud sounds.

Stimulate Motor Development

Children need to be able to make large movements to develop their gross motor skills. This can be difficult to achieve on days when outside play might not be possible. Children's big building blocks are perfect for indoor gross motor play. The children at your daycare can stretch to put a big block at the top of a growing tower. They'll also need to make big movements to step over the blocks.

Introduce Mathematical Concepts

The best toys for a home daycare are ones that have many uses. Building blocks can be used to teach children how to count. You can also talk to the children about the different shapes as they work on their structures. Look for a large block set that includes rectangles, circles, and squares. You'll also like knowing that building with the blocks builds the children's spatial awareness. Discovering which blocks fit together best or how to balance one on top of the other are experiences that pave the way for a child's future awareness of math and science concepts.

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